2020 in numbers
Goals and results

Organic growth

Goal 5%

Annual organic growth of 4–5 per cent over the course of a business cycle.

Result –7%

Coor’s subscription volumes remain strong, although the pandemic has had a ­negative impact on the company’s ­variable volumes.

Graph of Organic growth

Cash conversion

Goal >90%

A cash conversion rate in excess of 90 per cent in the medium term.

Result 108%

Structured cash flow management leads to improved working capital and a balanced investment level, resulting in a high cash conversion rate.

Graph of Cash conversion


Goal ~50%

The goal is to distribute around 50 per cent of the company’s adjusted net profit for the period (before amortisation and impairment of intangible assets) in ordinary dividends to the shareholders.

Result 110%

In view of the company’s strong earnings, cash flow and low debt level, the Board proposes a dividend for 2020 of SEK 4.40 per share (of which SEK 2.00 per share in ordinary dividends and SEK 2.40 per share in extra dividends). Subject to the AGM’s approval, the total dividend amounts to 110 per cent of the company’s adjusted net profit for the period (before amortization and write-downs of intangible assets).

Graph of Capital structure

Adjusted EBITA margin

Goal ~5.5%

An adjusted EBITA margin of around 5.5 per cent in the medium term.

Result 5.8%

An improved EBITA margin through strong cost consciousness and a focus on efficiencies.

Graph of Adjusted EBITA margin

Capital structure

Goal <3.0x

Net debt of less than 3.0 times adjusted EBITDA in the medium term.

Result 1.6x

With a strong cash flow and no dividend payment for 2019, we have been able to reduce our leverage.

Graph of Capital structure

High customer satisfaction

Goal ≥70

The goal is to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction over time (customer satisfaction score) ≥70.

Result 70

Coor’s score increased to 70, which is a very good and stable result, and we have continued to develop our customer offering.

Graph of High customer satisfaction

No injuries and long-term sick leave

Goal ≤3.5

The goal is to reduce the company’s TRIFR (total recorded injury frequency rate) to ≤3.5 by 2025.

Result 9.9

Injuries are down in many parts of the business, but we have not yet reached our goal.

Graph of No injuries and long-term sick leave

Committed and motivated employees

Goal ≥70

The goal is to maintain a high level of employee motivation (employee motivation score) ≥70.

Result 78

In the annual employee survey, Coor achieved its highest employee motivation score to date, despite a challenging environment. The participation rate also reached a new high.

Graph of Committed and motivated employees

Equal opportunities

Goal 50%

The goal is a 50/50 gender ­balance at management level.

Result 49.5%

The proportion of women in managerial positions is 49.5 per cent across the company as a whole, which is well in line with the company’s goal.

Graph of Equal opportunities

Reduced emissions

Goal 50%

Coor is working to reduce its emissions of greenhouse gases. Our goal is to reduce our Scope 1 and 2 emissions under the global Greenhouse Gas Protocol framework by 50 per cent by 2025 compared with our newly established baseline.


To be able to monitor our emissions in accordance with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, robust reporting principles are being prepared in 2020–2021 to ensure transparency, traceability and year-to-year comparability. A strategic plan for reducing emissions is also being prepared. Coor’s long-term goal is to phase out fossil fuels, and already in 2020 we made progress in this area.

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